There is a lot of good news in Africa

This is Marian. She lives with her father near Singida in Tanzania.

She had not been treated for a tumour for years - no money, no doctor.

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Donor found, surgeon selected and Marian is growing into a beautiful young lady.

Video 1 Marian's Dad before

Video 2 Marian's Surgeon Dr Elibariki

Video 3 Marian's Aftercare 202

Marian 2024

Below is Rahman. He had a simple surgery paid for - it changed his life.

This is Lobikieki. He was dying. No options. Child Surgery. 5 years later - he is alive.

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more child surgeries under Proof Of Care

Proof Of Care videos of surgeries happening in Sub-Sahara Africa NOW.

morechildsurgeries is a concept of helping those who can help children in need directly in a sustainable (cost effective) manner.

Mariam (499) full parental permission for photos.

Rahman (384) before and after operated in april

Javan (548) completed 2000 plus kilometre medical journey november to december.

All via morechildsurgeries which overseas a new NGO Child Surgeries Tanzania (replacing Zilper)

More information: refer to science section for evidence

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