Kigoma is a picturesque town located in western Tanzania, near the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. It’s the capital of the Kigoma Region and has a population of around 215,000. Historically significant as a stop on the Central Line railway, Kigoma connects the region to Dar es Salaam. The town is a gateway to Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Parks, famed for chimpanzee tracking. Kigoma’s economy relies on trade, fishing, and agriculture, with its bustling market and port playing a vital role. The town also features a mix of colonial and traditional architecture, reflecting its diverse cultural heritage.

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Projects planned for 2024 - visit in July booked

2 of about 30 SCREENINGS In KIGOMA

Two examples of screening videos from Kigoma – getting parent permission to get you the children to operate on for Project Feuerkinder

BUS TRIP – They are 15 hours away

This is Batro (below) and kids ready to leave and the journey they take to left.
This is Batro’s resume 

These are examples of bus fare receipts – yep 600USD just for bus fares


This is at Nkoaranga with children from Dr Annemarie – there are many videos, this is one

These are the kids post the operations

Daudi before

Daudi after – but still months of rehab!