We use a Proof of Care App

All key staff provide references that are checked

CV and reference check for Nakoli, a part-time Outreach worker in Kigoma who is paid $155USD per month. Impressive


I am Dr Roberts Julius Maise, orthopedic surgeon. Born 26th Febr 1973.

I am married with 4 children and one orphan who is staying with us, we adopted her but not officially.

I am working at Selian Lutheran Hospital for 22yrs now, started as Clinical officer, then I went to medical school for first degree 2004 – 2009.

In 2012 I went to university for my Masters degree [second degree] as an Orthopedic Surgeon where as I graduated 🎓 in 2015 as an orthopedic and traumatologist.

My wife is a primary school teacher. My first born is at University 2nd year now and second born is in Form five, third one is in form one and the last born is in standard Six, the orphanage child is in standard five.

I like children surgery because I love children and they are lovely and innocent, it’s my passion doing child surgery. Asanteni sana.


Dr. Theresia Mepukori Laizer MD, MMED in Peadiatrics and Child Health. She hold an undergraduate degree in medicine of KCMC and Masters degree in pediatric of Makerere University in Uganda. She has been working at Selian since 2006.

I am an Occupational Therapist and Outreach.


I like working with children especially those with disabilities and functional problems, that means those children who are not really free or independent on their daily functional activities. So what I always do with them is to bring back their life function, happiness, value, freedom, respect and function in their community, and their Self esteem.


I also work with their Mental status, body and their normal life development in all areas of life functions. So generally I help to bring children back from abnormal to normal life function.


I am a Maasai lady, from LONGIDO rural area ( village), Went to MAASAI GIRLS LUTHERAN SECONDARY SCHOOL, from 1998-2004 from form one to six there. Then joined to TUMAINI UNIVERSITY OF KCMC, from 2004-2007, for my diploma in Occupational therapy.


I started working with children here at Selian Lutheran Hospital from 2007 October to today 2021. is about 12 years now, and am enjoying working with children.


I’m born at Moivaro ward in Arusha. 

I am the 5th in the family of 6 children. I studied primary education for 7yrs, later I went for secondary studies for 4yrs.


I undergone further advanced level studies for 2yrs taking Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects. I did well and then applied for College studies in 2006 of which the government under the ministry of finance offered me sponsorship to undertake Computer Science at the Institute of Accountancy Arusha in Njiro, a three years course.

After I graduated in 2009 I applied for IT job post which was announced by Selian in 2010. I did the interview and performed well, selian employed me as an IT in July 2010.


I worked at Selian for 11 years now. In mid 2013/2014 I went for Postgraduate Diploma studies in Computer Science,  a one year evening program at IAA. I did my Postgraduate studies while working at Selian. In my undergraduate studies I also did basic accounting and accounting packages for two semesters.

I like doing the job with the children so as to improve life standard of a future Tanzanian generation and transform children poverty to well being. I have been working with children since early 2019.


I married in 2014 and now with two children, Giovann and Skylar. Giovann is in class one and Skylar is in baby class now. The picture above is me, Leah who is my wife and Giovann.

A big surprise it’s not a concept for all.

It’s not the most common outcome measure in many things.

Verification of money is popular; however verification of good child outcomes is not as popular.

In children’s surgery quality of outcome is hugely important.

We have largely set up our APP as a form a child safety.

Its not perfect but its a whole lot better than just winging it.


Here are additional rules and registrations we try to adhere to


  • Only the approved list of doctors will operate on the children we sponsor
  • Their qualifications medically are proven


  • All operations follow the WHO Surgical Checklist
  • All operations have an Aftercare Plan


  • That all operations have a before and after picture
  • That all children stay the time needed in hospital and are fed 2 meals a day
  • That any medications/prosthetics/plan for parents are given at time of leaving or in follow up – we will pay for all


  • All children are in fresh linen beds
  • All children we sponsor are in public wards (preferably for children)
  • All children we sponsor have regular visits AND whilst its not perfect yet we are trying to set up more parent contact during recovery.


  • No child is photographed without clothes on
  • No culturally inappropriate pictures to be uploaded publicly



Perfection – is important to strive for but not expect or require.

Deal with what you have and keep trying to do it better.

90% even 70% is ok, if the previous alternative was 0%.

Staying at grass roots – keeps it verifiable and efficient and sustainable.

Cost of money movement for poor people is horrendous. To send $50, a weekly wage – you lose almost all in fees our end, Africa end and currency exchange. 

Accountability we feel it’s a must if you really care about the children – we demand it. We have found it is a balance of respect – respect of the child and parents, respect of the surgeons and community health workers, respect of you and your contribution. 

Lack of identity – no medicare cards, passports or drivers license – how to identify is a constant challenge and that is why we use pictures.

No phones – no email – no mail and a sick child. Churches work well for the jungle drums

Payments to workers – just because we don’t get paid or don’t want to be paid – doesn’t mean that a poorer person doesn’t want to be paid for their job. Hospital workers are largely very poorly paid. Well directed incentives really work if you want quality and consistency in surgeries.

Inertia and emotional connections – keep some distance if you want to keep to your goals – because things change and you may have to be strong and firm or change as well

Efficiencies of time – a foreign concept to many

Culture – wow, where do we start. All sides need to make allowances and respect the other position for it to work. And yes, we have to as well.

Fun – its ok to be serious, but without fun and meaning its friggin boring

Mistakes – we make many, but we keep going and try not to repeat the same ones too often

Longshots – if it makes sense and the outlay is small – give it a go, do not fear failure if the potential upside is good. We back people just as we do in business.

Keep your cool – detective work – we have found treating problems as a game keeps you sane and not giving up when the going gets a little rough at times.

Bias – We found we had preconceptions on colour and geography and poverty, based on what we learnt when we were young. This makes new steps hard. But if you take them, then new learnings open up your life and valuable new partnerships form.
You can talk direct to a community health worker or a doctor and start now – if you want to.

Communication – language and conversations.
Google isn’t perfect and after the third sentence you have forgotten the content of the second and the flow or reason of your first because you are so focussed on understanding what each word means.
Some patience on all sides is helpful

Our goals are clear to us

  • One more quality child surgery
  • One more targeted incentive for a hospital medical workers to improve
  • One more sustainable local hospital


They are circular in that one goal feeds off the other. As you have morechildsurgeries you will have more income and practical skills for staff and the hospital, which in turn enhances a wealthier community and  morechildsurgeries


They are scalable as they are repeatable, relatable and verifiable as they are local.


Finally the goals are non-political, non-religious, non …. – it’s hard to disagree with them.

Selian is one of six hospitals / ngo used for children.

You can see it position on google maps – Selian Lutheran Hospital Arusha Tanzania

Selian is a 170 staff, 100 bed general Level 2 hospital in Tanzania, near the Serengeti and Mt Kilimanjaro. It begun in the 1950’s.

Selian covers General Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Internal medicine and has an OT and Physio Department, on site Chemist, Dental, Pathology and Ultrasound.

9 local surgeons perform over 1000 basic surgeries a year with some help from overseas surgeons, the most common surgeries are hernia repair, laparotomy for intestinal obstruction, tonsillectomy, nasal polyp’s cauterization, burn contracture release, cleft lip and palate repair.

Three years ago, Selian doctors and staff wanted to do more for the poorest of the poor children through low cost donated surgeries for children with fixable disabilities.

From a donor’s point of view Selian is very transparent, timely and human in their reporting back to donors. You really don’t feel like you are number or a burden; you actually feel like you are really helping Selian make a big difference for not much in many children’s lives and the video, pictures, WhatsApp reports are great to look at, are verified and good value for your money.

We have never had a problem with trust, with lack of accountability, with verifying anything really. We love Selian, those that work at Selian and everything they do for the children.

If it’s not worth making a checklist, incentivising the checklist user, then it’s not that important. Without checklists that are easy to follow it’s one step forward and two steps back.


Insisting on checklists makes the biggest difference to quality control.


A really good book to read or google Atul Gawande


A 5 minute video by him on reducing deaths in surgery


Dr Elibariki Marco Lucumay MD,MMED (Surgery)

Our senior general surgeon who does pediatric and adult surgical conditions.

Expert in ENT conditions
General surgery cases elective and emergencies

He is our surgeon for 7 yrs now,

Elibariki did his first medical degree at KCMC then his master in general surgery at Bugando medical center with more experience in ENT

He is married to Eva and his a father of two Praygod and Derik

Dr Joseph E. Sameji, pediatrician. He worked at Selian since 2011 todate. He hold a bachelor degree of medicine and surgery (MBBS) from Tianjin medical university and a Masters of medicine in pediatric from Chongqing University in China.

I Am Lilian E Olodi, MD graduate of university of Dodoma, working at Selian Lutheran hospital as the general practitioner in surgical ward for 1 year now.
I am a 2nd born in a family of 5 children (1 sister and 3 young brothers), We live with our mother, also am in a relationship.

I was inspired to participate in pediatric surgeries because I saw many children with different conditions which require surgical intervention but they are not able to get access for health care (either due to unavailability of experts, health care or poverty and lack of knowledge to a particular condition).



I Am 26yrs old

I am working at Selian Lutheran Hospital
I have an experience of two years at Seliani Lutheran Hospital as a Nurse
I am single and I don’t have any child
Qualification; I am a Registered Nurse

I like children surgery because it changes life of the children from disability to ability or normal health of the children and we will change the life of people in the community

Head of Selian – Dr Amon Marti

Diploma on community development

For me this is my life because I  like because it change the lives by restoring the lost smile, dreams, targets or hopes of children with disabilities in our community. 

I’m a father of one wife, Teresia and five children two boys three girls I have started working as driver at selian since 2001and 2007 I started working in these kids with disabilities and 2009 I got a chance and sponsor who paid for me to get a diploma of community development for two years I and I finish my college 2011 in Monduli

After that I was fully working in the community finding children with disabilities and take the plasterhouse  and ready for having surgery in Selian hospital or at ALMC – all in Arusha and I work with plasterhouse up 2018 then I start my own foundation called Zilper for children with disabilities and working with Mal and Sim and  Phoebe and Maddie from 2019 up now and I have started

I have done a computer course at Babati and starting a business course at Arusha

Since 2007 up now I have 15yrs working on children with disabilities


I am Joseph Kwaslema Qadwe 30 years old.

I am working in seliani Lutheran hospital.
I have experience of 6 years at Selian as Anaesthetist.
I am married with one
child of 10 month boy, my wife she is Barikiana Abeli she study phamacitical science.
Qualification..I am Anaesthetist.
I like children surgery becouse it change life from disabilities to normal health child and we will change the life of people in the community.

My Name is Martha Mangowi, a Registered nurse at selian working in Theater department. It’s the 23rd year now working at Selian Hospital, I have an experience of more than 23 years.
I studied my diploma in nursing and midwife at Hydom Lutheren School of Nursing.
I am married with 2 children and all are at school now. First born is in form six and the other is in form one.
I live at Ngaramtoni village.
I like children surgery and assisting in doing child surgery as its in my heart, I am so devoted to working in theater so as to help and make sure that child surgery is done perfectly and all checklists are adhered to. Its my pleasure to change life of children with disabilities from poor families.

I am Emmanuel Ibrahimu, I am working at Selian as an anaesthetist.


Born in 1992 in Vuchama Village in Kilimanjaro Region were I was living with my parents. I finished my primary education in 2007 then in 2008 i moved to Arusha town for Secondary studies. I graduated my Secondary studies in 2012 then joined Huruma Institute of Health and Allied Science for Diploma in nursing and midwifery. I graduated my diploma and was employed at Selian in 2017.

In the year 2019 Selian gave me an opportunity for further studies in anaesthesia at Kilimanjaro Institute of Anaesthesi. I finished and came back to work as an anaest8hesist at Selian hospital. I have 5year in Selian hospital. I am married with one child, my wife is still studying. I like working with children. Asante sana.

From: mwinyikondo juma 
Subject: Re: Ludovick Legama – 15 05 1987
Date: 21 May 2022 at 5:09:33 pm AEST

Greetings to you,

I’m very delighted to have your enquiry about Dr. Ludovic Legama.
 As for your guided questions, my response are as follows:
1. I personally know Dr. Ludovic Legama
2. He is a qualified medical doctor with full registration from The Medical Council of Tanganyika.
3. He is capable of giving surgical care as he was under my supervision in Surgical Department of Manyara Regional Referral Hospital.
4. I have no good reason as to why you should not offer such an opportunity to serve you in your own capacity.
I submit,
Dr. Mwinyikondo Juma Amir (MBBS, MMed, PGD-Kidney Transplant)
General and KT-Surgeon.
Ministry of Health – Tanzania.
+255 713 841 897